Online Surveys

Feedback ushers Improvement. Improvement drives Success

Surveys are the best way to scrutinize the pulse of an organization if conducted well. An unbiased survey gives an organic feedback about the people, processes and practices in an organization and in turn ensures continuous improvement and success of the organization.

We at Armezo have amalgamated the best of technology with best knowledge practices within the industry to come up with a survey solution that helps in gathering the cadence of an organization. Our surveys are intelligent, informative, and inductive; coupled with our survey success team that continuously monitors and drives a survey process we have been ensuring the best survey experience for more than 50 clients over the last couple years.

  • State of the art technology - Highly Customizable
  • Process driven methodology
  • Actionable analytics for intelligent insights
  • Survey success team - drive, support and achieve
  • Team of experts for survey design and questionnaire development
  • Specialized data science team for advanced analytics

Survey Management


Survey sampling or questionnaire design is one of the most critical factors in conducting a successful survey. The pulse of a survey lies in capturing organic and unbiased feedback whilst not inducing stress, bias or manipulation from participants of the survey process. Our in-house team of experts with more than 30+ years of survey design carefully study client practices and processes to come up customized questionnaires for standard surveys to ensure best results.

  • Expert advantage - 30+ years of designing surveys
  • Valid and reliable outputs from participants
  • Linked with survey goals and analytics
  • Questions with multiple regional languages (India)

We at Armezo always believe that technology is harnessed properly when it makes complex tasks easier. Our survey tool isn't merely an extension of our above philosophy but also state of the art technology that dispenses the traditional challenges and complexities involved with an organizational survey. Our inclusive and intelligent technology takes into account holistic process and practices in a survey setup to provide the best technology.

  • Scalable, secure, and simple technology
  • Easy integration with process and practices
  • Highly customizable and flexible
  • Comprehensive solution covering all gamuts
  • Seamless integration with existing technology
  • Hierarchy driven login and access to survey platform
  • Mobile platform compatible surveys
Collect Responses

The reason that surveys often fail to have the desired impact is because it lacks people driving them. Our survey success team not only drives the surveys through the stipulated duration but also offer ready help at hand to help participants with their queries on the survey, help on technology and timely reminders. Each survey response also goes through a process of scrutiny by the team to ensure there are no biased feedback due to misinterpretation, fear, or manipulation at any stage of the survey. The presence of a third party team for handling surveys goes a long way in ensuring valid and organic feedback from participants.

  • 24x7 support with all queries and support
  • Dedicated quality checks
  • Initiation to analytics support for stakeholders
  • Timely alerts to stakeholders
  • Service with a Smile
Actionable Analytics

The most crucial part of surveys are analytics as they hold the key to ushering improvement in organizations. Most surveys come with standard reporting and analytics which fail to capture the essence of surveys which lead to the rhetoric "statistics hide more than they reveal". Our actionable analytics suite offers a holistic range of dynamic analytics that help in validating the responses of a survey in a variety of ways to ensure the success of an organizational survey. Our actionable analytics suite pack the following.

  • Holistic range of charts and graphs
  • Customized scales to standardized scores
  • Exhaustive reporting on each question
  • Reporting with demographic and other filters
  • Comparative analysis and actionable results
  • Data sciences experts for advanced analytics

Application Areas

On-Boarding Surveys

Surveys that ensure a smooth on-boarding of fresh talent and discover whether the new workforce is in sync with organization values, processes, and practices. Armezo's on-boarding surveys not only help in connecting with the new hires but also provide a holistic overview of their assimilation in the organization as the most critical force. Our on-boarding surveys offer the following benefits:

  • Questionnaire capturing every facet of on-boarding
  • Pre-recruitment and post-recruitment pulse
  • Recruitment process feedback
  • Mitigating risk of drop-outs post offer
  • Diversity index in workforce for growing organizations
  • Comparative analytics between functions and processes
Employee Engagement / Pulse Surveys

Engagement surveys are on the most critical aspects of organization development. Armezo's survey suite for conducting engagement / pulse surveys have significantly benefited a lot of organizations as our solution deep dives into the employee with probing questions that not only find out about their satisfaction levels but also shed light on factors that cause their performances to significantly drop. The following are the benefits of our engagement survey suite:

  • Highly sophisticated questionnaire custom developed by experts
  • Employee satisfaction index
  • Career progression index - vertical and lateral
  • Environmental and cultural index of an organization
  • Deep dive reports by team of experts
  • Comparative analysis of periodical engagement surveys
360 degree Surveys

With multiple stakeholders ruling the roost in all business it's imperative for organizations to have a 360 degree view of an employee's behavior, performance, and attitude. The Armezo 360 degree platform provides a highly customizable and flexible survey suite to the above and more; our 360 degree platform provides the following benefits:

  • Variety of questionnaire with unified reporting and analytics
  • Secure platform for external stakeholders, clients and vendors
  • Collated and comparative analysis on 360 survey parameters
  • Comprehensive & customizable individual reports
  • Manager feedback platform
  • Integration with other performance evaluation tools
Measure Training Effectiveness

Organizations today heavily invest in trainings that have a direct influence on employee performance and well being. However, most organizations are unable to determine the value and influence of a training or development program without a system in place. Armezo's post-training and ROI feedback tools help you do that through state-of-the-art technology enabled surveys, the platform facilitates the following:

  • Based on Kirkpatrick Model
  • Measurement of training impact
  • Trainer performance index
  • Training effectiveness analysis
  • Learning quotient and ability index
  • ROI calculation
Exit Surveys

Attrition derails business, and more so in growing economies and organizations. Retaining an employee has become as critical as finding the perfect fit for organizations. Keeping purview of the same, we at Armezo developed our suite of exit surveys. Our exit surveys are highly accurate and scientific when it comes to highlight details on attrition, our analytics and reports have increasingly helped our clients rein in attrition and more importantly understand the factors that cause attrition.

  • Readymade questionnaire to choose from
  • Compensation, managers, work environment etc. modules to find attrition triggers
  • Survey success team to ensure completion of exit survey
  • Automated monthly, quarterly and yearly reports
  • Actionable analytics with in depth overview
  • Expert powered reports
  • Consulting services on reining in attrition from experts
Many Others

Armezo specializes in providing tools to create specialized surveys that help organizations improve efficiency, satisfaction and performance in diverse workforces. We have the following survey suites that help our customers get a holistic feedback on their organization, people, and processes.

  • People Manager's survey
  • Departmental feedback surveys
  • Recruitment experience surveys (for non-hires)
  • Workplace and environment survey
  • Safety and security survey
  • Rewards and recognition surveys
  • Alumni survey (for rehiring)
  • Compensation and benefits survey