Online Cognitive Assessments

Skills help Perform. Cognition helps Excel.

Armezo's skills and cognitive assessments provide a highly accurate and reliable Performance Index of an individual with respect to a particular job role. Added to our round-the-clock support and intensive analytics, we offer the following benefits:

  • Validated and reliable assessments
  • Customized technology to fit into any process
  • Question bank to assess for various levels
  • Proctoring via technology
  • Benchmarking - Empirical and Non-Empirical
  • 100+ assessment centers
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Type of Assessments

Aptitude Assessments

The most elementary yet the most accepted way of evaluating talent and skills of an individual. Armezo's Aptitude Assessments provide a high degree of customization in terms of content, difficulty level, scoring, and analytical patterns. Our Aptitude Assessments have not only been extensively used for direct & lateral hiring but also for campus hiring activity. Our assessments have the following features and benefits:

  • Linear and adaptive assessment delivery
  • Evaluate verbal, problem solving, analytical and reasoning skills
  • Technology-based proctoring to enable users to give tests "Anytime-Anywhere"
  • Regular content evaluation and updation
  • Round-the-clock helpdesk
  • Easy integration with existing systems
IQ Assessments

IQ Assessments are the most unbiased and universally accepted way of judging an individual's cognitive skills, analytical and logical reasoning skills, and the overall response that their intelligence has when placed in certain environments. Armezo's IQ Assessments is structured in a way which can be mapped to potential job roles on the basis of optimum score ranges. The following are the salient features of the Armezo's IQ Assessment:

  • Validated IQ assessment
  • Fair and unbiased assessment
  • Variety of question patterns
  • Scientific gradation of IQ levels
  • Highly secure design
Coding Tests

Armezo's Coding Assessments through a web-based ICE not only help evaluate an individual competence in coding pertaining to a particular coding language but also help evaluate the logical skills of an individual which is highly critical for coding. The assessment suite also helps evaluate finer nuances like efficiency, probability of syntax and compilation errors and proficiency in multiple languages.

  • Availability of 20+ languages
  • Custom scoring module
  • Exhaustive and comparative analytics
  • Personalized training graph
  • Readymade questions for multiple technologies

Application Areas

Assessments tailored to evaluate an applicant's abilities to a mapped role with key inputs on Performance Index. Our solutions help you evaluate condidates for generic and niche roles, bulk-hiring, and selective hiring.

  • Customized registration pages
  • Anytime-Anywhere assessments
  • Assessments mapped to job roles
  • Benchmarking through assessments
  • Hierarchy based login system for hiring teams
  • Standard and readymade content for 50+ competencies

Employee Assessments are widely used by organizations for succession planning, for horizontal and vertical movement of resources. Our suite of assessments provides a holistic overview of the readiness of an individual for career progression.

  • Lateral hiring through IJP's
  • Empirical benchmarking to identify organization competencies
  • Anytime-Anywhere assessments
  • Mobile compatible assessments
  • Contests and quizzes for employee engagement
  • Process knowledge assessments
  • Mock assessments for certifications
  • Specific systems built for learning (videos) and assessments via mobile apps

The journey from "Right Hire" to "Super Performer" depends heavily on training needs identification at various levels of the career progression. Our blended suite of assessments for training needs identification offers an overview of an individual's development through various stages of his/her employment.

  • Skill gap analysis
  • Process oriented analysis
  • Specialized development plan - individual and team
  • Transition improvement
  • Training buckets

Once training programs are completed it is imperative for organizations to check the efficiency and calculate the ROI of the training. Armezo has built a customized system through a blend of assessments & surveys to provide specific output for measurement of training effectiveness. This system is based on the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation. Armezo's training assessments offer the following advantages:

  • Online system to manage the end-to-end process
  • Cumulative report of assessments & surveys with weightages and benchmarks
  • Analytical report of each process - assessments and surveys
  • Post training effectiveness reports
  • Trainer feedback and scorecard

The majority of hiring in India happens through On-Campus and Off-Campus initiatives by organizations to attract top talent. Campus hiring brings along a lot of complexities as it involves multiple stakeholders and complicated logistics; we at Armezo have organically created a solution that makes campus assessments an absolute joy. The following are the features of our assessments:

  • Aptitude, behavior, and skill evaluation using a single platform
  • Customized registration pages
  • IP restricted and time-restricted assessment platform
  • Actionable analytics with an in-depth overview
  • Round-the-clock support for hiring teams and test takers
  • Power and internet disruption proof
  • Instant result declaration

Armezo specializes in conducting nationwide single-window assessments; our proprietary assessment solutions have been highly used by our clients for our scalability and reach in more than 150+ cities in India. We provide the following benefits:

  • Custom registration and payment collection
  • HelpDesk through phone and email (registration to result declaration)
  • Network of 350 centers in 100+ cities across India
  • Capable of handling 50K simultaneous users
  • Biometric enabled centers
  • Custom content creation services
  • Easy integration with existing client's system


In an assessment scenario, it becomes highly important to ensure that the actual test taker is taking the test and not using any unfair means to influence the outcome of the assessment. Armezo brings to its clients, state of the art technology proctoring to ensure no unfair means are used through the following proctoring measures:
  • Random images during assessment duration through webcam
  • Face recognition to ensure authentic test taker
  • Ensuring that only test taker or invigilator/administrators are looking at the screen
  • Alerts in candidate report in case of discrepancies
  • Continuous video capture throughout the assessment
  • Alerts for administrators in case of any unfair practices
  • AI based algorithm for alerts
  • Video feed of an assessment center through CCTV
  • Test taker cannot move away from assessment window (window freeze)
  • Disabled screen mirroring and CTRL key functions (copy-paste)
  • New browser/tab options disabled
  • Assessment restart through proctor key
  • Availability of trained invigilators across 350+ centers
  • Biometric device equipped centers
  • Biometric enabled registration process at centers
  • IP and date-time based restrictions for assessments