Psychometric Assessments

Driving talent decisions through data-driven insights

Armezo employs sophisticated and rigorous psychometric testing procedures to enhance recruiting and training processes of the organizations. Our psychometric assessments help organizations:

  • Measure a candidate's suitability for a particular role
  • Identify the hidden aspects of a candidate's personality
  • Improve the quality of hires, effective decision making in engaging the employees and reduce employee turnover
  • Reduce recruiter's bias and identify the right fit for the role, organization, and business
  • Identify and differentiate the high performers and high potentials
  • Reduce recruitment and training costs, and thus increase profitability in the long run
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Type of Assessments

Thinking Pattern Profile

Leveraging the power of decision making
to orchestrate extraordinary results

Our first assessment solution is the invaluable Hartman Value Profile (HVP); based on the research of Robert S. Hartman's formal Axiology.

This unique assessment measures an individual's thinking style.

The Thinking Pattern Profile is built on a methodology that directly measures actual talent. It measures competency quickly and easily and accurately. It shows what a person pays attention to as they make decisions - and also what they don't pay attention to. Therefore it provides a helpful indicator of the sources of a person's strengths and vulnerabilities.

The Thinking Pattern Profile measures the capacity, clarity, and balance that individuals and groups have regarding people, tasks, systems and themselves.

Games Based Assessments

Reinvent the way you attract, select, and retain talent. Armezo introduces immersive and engaging Game-Based Assessments, they are scientifically validated and offer a data-driven comprehensive evaluation of personality and related attributes.

  • Decrease the probability of social desirability or manipulation of responses
  • Measure innate aspects of the behaviors of the individual
  • Assess skills that couldn't be easily assessed with a traditional psychometric assessment
  • Effective for people who have test anxiety
  • Help organizations depict a progressive and future-oriented brand image
  • Allow thousands of data points to study the participant's personality and related attributes
Business Simulation Assessments

Armezo's Sales Simulation Assessments allow candidates to bring their experience and knowledge into the job, reflect on their capability and understanding, and engage in a real-life simulating environment.

  • Industry-specific and sales role-specific
  • A strong predictor of on-the-job performance
  • Provide a realistic picture of the job role and industry to the candidate
  • Actionable candidate reports
  • Industry benchmarks or organizational benchmarks on demand
cognitive assessments

Armezo's cognitive assessments measure intelligence through logic, reasoning, and problem-solving exercises. Our assessments successfully access how an individual acquires, organizes, retains, and applies information in a working environment.

  • Aptitude tests to evaluate verbal, problem-solving, analytical, and reasoning skills
  • IQ tests to measure intelligence
  • Technology-based proctoring
  • Question bank of thousands of items
Sales Potential Assessment

Optimize your Salesforce Management by hiring and promoting people with the right sales potential by using Armezo's Sales Potential Assessment. It is a competency-based assessment measuring the behavioral competencies and cognitive skills necessary for the sales role.

  • Based on Herb Greenberg's Model of Sales Leadership
  • In compliance with Equal Employability Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines
  • Measures 10 competencies which are critical for frontline / field sales executives
  • Low-cost model specially created for mass-hiring
  • Self-reported questionnaire
  • Suitable for B2B sales or channel sales environment
  • Recommended for sales executives with 0 to 4 years of work experience

Application Areas

Recruitment & Selection

Armezo recruitment solutions enable your organization to identify the best-fit candidates through data-driven insights, and engaging candidate experience. We help predict and drive performance through analytics on fitment, strengths, weaknesses, and working style of the candidate.

Leverage Armezo to plan for an integrated hiring strategy to

  • Select and hire best-fit candidates based on industry and organizational benchmarks
  • Attract top talent through an engaging and immersive experience
  • Identify high potentials for succession planning
  • Facilitate campus hiring and lateral hiring
Learning & Development

Armezo's Psychometric Assessments help organizations understand the learning needs and redirect their efforts to continuously improve individual performances. Our solutions empower employees to reach their full potential and help raise and sustain productivity for the long-term.

We enable organizations:

  • Identify and evaluate training needs
  • Train employees on behavioral and cognitive skills
  • Conduct pre and post assessments to evaluate the training effectiveness
Career Guidance

Our psychometric assessments assess an individual's behavioral and cognitive skills. They are structured to accurately evaluate an individual's capacity to process information, collaborate, and communicate with others, and cope with the stressors of a job.

There are various stages at which a person can take the guidance of psychometric assessments to take career decisions. We help a person make an informed career choice by:

  • Creating self-awareness
  • Helping individuals evaluate their interests, values, and working style
Performance Evaluation

Focusing on the targets and quantifiable performance goals is not enough to evaluate employees. Our psychometric assessments enable managers to understand an individual's strengths and challenges and how to optimally utilize their potential.

Armezo's assessments enable performance evaluation through:

  • 360 degree feedback for holistic insights
  • Identifying performance gaps of employees
  • Behavioral and skill-based assessments
  • Establishing organizational and/or industry benchmarks
Employee Engagement

Our psychometric assessments gauge job satisfaction and the level of commitment employees bring to their jobs. They facilitate self-reflection, collaboration, and understanding among employees.

Armezo's assessments foster employee engagement by:

  • Accessing employees' expectations and motivators
  • Maximizing employee engagement and discretionary efforts
  • Increasing job satisfaction and Improving employee retention
  • Optimizing business benefits by working on policies and work processes
  • Providing valuable information to managers
  • Making employees learn each other's preferences and communication style
Succession Planning

Armezo's scientifically validated assessments help organizations find and develop the next generation of leaders. We help you assess leadership potential by objectively evaluating their competencies and behavior for the next leap.

We enable effective succession planning by

  • Clearly defining the criteria and benchmarks for effective leaders
  • Identifying high-potential leaders for the future
  • Developing future leaders and improve their leading skills
  • Enabling current and future leaders to understand how individual preferences influence the culture, this enables them to take effective decisions