Online Examinations

Adaptable Platform, Secure Technology, Apex Infrastructure

Armezo's online examination suite has been the preferred choice of the academia in conducting large scale examinations, internal examinations and certification examinations. The suite combines cutting edge technology to deliver a great experience and performance for the users. The online examination platform comes power packed with the following features:

  • Highly scalable - tried and tested for multiple concurrent test takers
  • Highly secure via technology encryption
  • Technology proctoring via image, videos, and biometric
  • Single umbrella technology - covers registration, payment collection, examination, support, and result declaration
  • 100+ assessment centers with state of art infrastructure for smooth conduct of examinations
  • Conducted tests for over 10L+ individuals
online examination assessment

Type of Application

entrance examination

Online entrance examinations are intricately complex due to a variety of factors such as volume, infrastructure, and logistics. Armezo's online examination suite provides single umbrella solution that covers not only for online examinations but associated processes and practices. Our solution enables our clients with the following:

Manager end-to-end process of examination:

  • Online registration
  • Payment collection via secured online payment gateway
  • e-admit card for test takers
  • Conducting examinations at centers via scalable and secured technology
  • Administration of examination at centers
  • Result processing
  • HelpDesk - for test taker throughout the process

Hierarchy based login for stakeholders (administrator, management, question bank authors, admissions team etc.)

scholarship examinations

Our suite of certification and scholarship examinations combines the benefits extended by our online examination system and a customized module specifically developed for scholarship and certification examinations. The platform provides the following add ons:

  • Cloud based model
  • On-demand examinations, anytime and anywhere
  • Planned examinations at defined timelines
  • Multiple examinations, single results module for different papers (knowledge areas, subject matter)
  • Applicant credential verification and validation module
  • Certificate publishing and printing module
  • 24x7 support team throughout the year
entrance examination

Armezo's mock examinations customized suite is specifically aimed at coaching institutes that prepare students for different competitive examination. Our suite creates a simulated environment akin to the examinations that students are set to appear in and deliver a similar experience while aiding learning and evaluation at every stage. Customizations covers the following:

  • Battery of examinations
  • Comparative reporting with alerts and learning curve inputs
  • Simulated environment to aid to experience
  • Personalized training graph
  • Student dashboard
  • Admin dashboard
  • Integration with elearning and training management platforms

Application Areas

Online Registrations

Online registrations are an indispensable part of online examinations that are used by the academia for conducting entrance examinations, scholarship and certification examinations. A robust registration process not only helps validate the candidature of an applicant but also helps in better planning around the examinations specifically pertaining to infrastructure and logistics. Our registration module packs the following features:

  • Customized registration pages (logo, look-and-feel, data capture fields)
  • Anytime-Anywhere registrations through variety of devices (smartphone compatible)
  • Availability of multiple Indian regional languages
  • Drop down mechanism for data capture limiting typos
  • 24x7 support team to facilitate registration
  • Email and phone support for applicant enquiries
Online Payment Collections

In the established process flow of online examinations, collecting payments is of great importance as it confirms the participation of an applicant in the online examination. While most platforms try and integrate their solution with a payment gateway of a third party vendor (facilitated by the client); at Armezo, we already have a payment gateway integrated with our online examination solution. We also provide the following for smooth processing of payments:

  • Payment gateway compatible with credit / debit cards, net banking and wallets
  • No extra charges for payment gateway except applicable bank charges
  • Periodical reporting of collections
  • Coordination with agencies to process refunds of failed payments
  • Payment deposit to client accounts
e-admit Cards

The Armezo online examination suite can be used by applicants to download and print admit cards that are mandatory for appearing in examinations. The admit card not only carries the instruction and examination center details but also the photograph of appearing candidate. The admit card module and services extend the following benefits:

  • Customized admit card template
  • Dedicated support personnel to help with admit cards
  • QR code enabled admit cards, if required
  • Admit card validation module for invigilators
Examination Management

Armezo offers a technology module and highly skilled experts in examination management for the success of an exam. This module and the team provide the following benefits during the window of an examination:

  • Technical, functional, and logistical support during an examination
  • Highly skilled and trained team to mitigate emergencies, frauds, and unfair means
  • Centralized admin for 350+ test centers
  • Alerts and reporting mechanism
  • Examination health report for audit purposes
Examination Centers

Armezo examination centers are spread across India that are used to conduct online examinations. The state-of-the-art facilities provide the following advantages:

  • Centralized and well-known locations
  • Google map pinned for easy navigation
  • Equipped with trained support personnel and center manager
  • Power and internet backup enabled
  • Facilities with clean restrooms, drinking water, first-aid facilities and adherence to fire & environmental safety
  • CCTV, biometric authentication enabled centers
  • Separate interview rooms
  • Examination live feed options
Examination Results

Armezo specializes in making result declarations fast, secure, and easy. Our results suite enables our users to work with a range of exhaustive analytics and cut-off metrics to ensure a smooth and fair result declaration process. The system is enabled with the following for our users:

  • Result declaration
  • Reporting to admission / test conducting team of the institute / university
  • Integration with website or student portal
  • Percentage, percentile applicator for cut-offs with qualifying metrics filter

The Armezo Proctor

In an examination scenario, it becomes highly important to ensure that the actual test taker is taking the test and not using any unfair means to influence the outcome of examinations. Armezo brings to its clients state-of-the-art technology proctoring to ensure no unfair means are used through the following proctoring measures:
  • Random images clicked during examination through webcam
  • Face recognition to ensure the authenticity of test takers
  • Ensuring that only test taker or invigilator / administrators are looking at the screen
  • Alerts in candidate report in case of discrepancies
  • Continuous video capture throughout the examination
  • Alerts to invigilator / administrator based on feed
  • Video feed of examination centers through CCTV
  • Test taker cannot move away from examinations window (window freeze)
  • Disabled screen mirroring and CTRL key functions (copy-paste)
  • New browser / tab options disabled
  • Examinations restart through proctor key
  • Availability of trained invigilators across 350+ centers
  • Biometric device equipped centers
  • IP and date-time based restrictions for examinations