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Blog 5: How Psychometric Assessments are Enablers for Candidates?

Samiksha Bhardwaj-11 December, 2019 -Talent Assessment

In the previous part Blog 2: Psychometric Assessments for HR Leaders, Blog 3: Psychometric Assessments for Talent Acquisition Leaders, and Blog 4: Psychometric Assessment for OD and Learning & Development Leaders , we took deeper insights into the importance of psychometric assessments for HR, Talent Acquisition, Organizational Development and L & D leaders and how psychometric assessments can be used across the lifecycle of employees.

In this blog, we would explore how psychometric assessments not only benefit the organizations deploying them but are also massive enablers for the candidates.

Imagine a scenario where you have received a reply from your dream company who is interested in proceeding through the initial stages of the hiring process with you, but you need to do a psychometric assessment. If you're suddenly feeling anxious and stressed, get some solace knowing that this is the time where most of the candidates feel anxious. While psychometric assessments can cause stress, it need not be that way.

Everyone's anxiety levels are different, but the main cause behind it is the general performance anxiety. Most people experience it when they know that they have a single chance to make it count, specifically in cases like psychometric assessments. Performing well in a psychometric assessment could mean getting a job interview for a role you've prepared yourself for the last few years, or not at all. This fear of consequences causes stress and anxiety for many candidates, but thankfully they don't have to put up with it now.

Recent advancements in technologies have opened up new vistas in psychometric assessments via Game-based assessments that have taken away the test inducing stress and anxiety to a great extent. Framing the assessment as a 'game' rather than a 'test' reduces anxiety, making the hiring process more inclusive and accurate for candidates who get nervous during formal testing.

Notwithstanding test anxiety, there are many additional benefits that psychometric assessments offer to a candidate and enable them for a great career ahead.

  1. 1. They show that the employer values the employee's success and is investing in scientific tools to make the right judgment about the role and organizational fitment. Lack of culture fit is the biggest reason for first-year attrition amongst new-hires and is a rather painful exercise for the employee and the employer. Psychometric assessments help identify the right culture fit and reduce first-year attrition.
  2. 2. Psychometric assessments give every candidate an equal chance of success and thus, are bias-free. The assessment's language and context do not result in an unfair advantage or disadvantage to any group based on ethnicity, culture, language, or gender.
  3. 3. A major goal of a psychometric assessment is to find a perfect match between a person and the job they are vying for. Psychometric assessments help candidates find jobs where they can make most of their unique strengths and abilities. It also helps candidates take better career choices by making them more self-aware around their interests, values, and work styles.
  4. 4. Psychometric assessments provide employers with precise information about the training needs of an employee. They also help candidates understand their learning needs and redirect their efforts to advance in their careers.
  5. 5. Psychometric assessments provide candidates with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the assessment tools available today and help them improve their test-taking skills and timing and help reduce fear and anxiety.

Word of Caution

While psychometric assessments offer great advantages to candidates, few candidates refer to online resources or cheat-sheets available to ace the assessment used by their potential employer. Another practice followed by the candidates is to choose answer options towards the middle scoring or exhibit social desirability and not reveal their true behavior. This may get them to clear the assessment or get the job in the short-term, but they would feel stuck in the wrong job.

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Even if it seems like that it's the organizations that stand to gain the most from administering psychometric assessments, but it is the candidates who gain a lot through psychometric assessments, even if they are not selected. They give you a deep insight into your personality which you can never get otherwise and use the findings to identify your interests, values, and work styles, and advance in your career.

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