About Armezo

Armezo is the 'arm that measures' talent, potential, and performance for organizations through our Assessment and Survey Solutions. We help organizations MEASURE, TRAIN & RETAIN Talent; simply by empowering Clients with Customized, Robust, and Scalable Solutions accessed via Web and Mobile. All these coupled with 10+ years of experience help us deliver WIN-WIN solutions for the entire ecosystem of our users, clients, and partners.

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Solutions Offered


Cognitive & Functional Skills Assessments

Armezo's Skill and Cognitive Assessment suite helps identify an applicant's skill and mind-map. Armezo's Assessments help define and identify "Right Fit" and also provide an in-depth overview of trainability quotient of an individual. The mix of skills and cognition evaluation ensures that we have a highly validated and reliable solution ready for our clients.

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Psychometric Assessments

Our suite of Psychometric Assessments help you identify Right Fit with respect to culture, organization, processes, and performance. The assessments also help unlock the potential of employees for greater roles in the organization by providing scientific pointers for a personalized development plan that sees individuals exceed their potential.

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Game-Based Assessments

The first ever Game-Based Psychometric Assessment measuring 100+ behavioral and cognitive competencies, combining the fun of immersive experience with the rigor of a traditional psychometric test.

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Sales Simulation

Sales Simulation Assessments

Watch out for our range of Business Simulation Assessments. Sales Simulations helps in assessing a person's business knowledge, business decision making, and relevant functional skills. This enables to take the hiring mechanism to the next level by ensuring high predictability of on-the-job performance.

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Online Surveys

Power-packed surveys from Armezo which are highly customizable not only help you usher development through continuous improvement but help in preparation for the future. With our actionable analytics and intensive reporting; organizational surveys help in maximizing ROI for our clients. Armezo manages end-to-end survey process to drive participation and solicit unbiased feedback at different stages.

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Online Examinations

Our highly scalable and reliable examination solution not only provides a single umbrella technology for all facets around examinations from registration to result declaration; but also accounts for a highly secure and optimized solution which help minimize efforts and investments. For institutions and universities, our highly secure and scalable platforms with 100+ examination centers spread over the country make conducting examinations fast, secure, and easy.

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Why Choose Us


All-around focus on all critical areas to provide a single stop solution


Right mix of technology and process, people and content


Maximizing ROI for customers for 10+ years


Efficient planning to deliver value at every stage


Zeal to see happy customers


Organically developed solutions based on user feedback